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Ladies Triples League 2023
Dress Code: White
See Full List of 2023 Chardstock BC Fixtures


Thurs 4 May (H) Tiverton Borough at 2.00pm

T1: 12-13, T2: 13-13

Chardstock 1pt, Tiverton Borough 5pts

Wed 17 May (A) Feniton at 2.00pm

T1: 16-13, T2: 21-12

Chardstock: 6 pts, Feniton: 0 pts

Wed 24 May (H) Ottery Blue at 2.00pm

T1: 19-27, T2: 14-14

Chardstock: 1pt, Ottery Blue: 5pts

Thurs 1 June (A) Shaldon at 2.00pm

T1: 24-8, T2: 24-8

Chardstock: 6pts, Shaldon: 0pts

Thurs 8 June (H) Morchard Bishop withdrew

Thurs 15 June (A) Topsham at 2.00pm

T1: 25-16, T2: 26-10

Chardstock: 6pts, Topsham: 0pts

Wed 5 July (A) Tiverton Borough at 2.30pm

T1: 16-18, T1: 15-20

Chardstock: 0pts, Tiverton Borough: 6pts

Wed 19 July (H) Feniton at 2.00pm

T1: 14-23, T2: 17-18

Chardstock: 0pts, Feniton: 6pts

Wed 26 July (A) Ottery Blue at 10.30am

T1: 18-15, T2: 10-26

Chardstock: 2pts, Ottery Blue: 4pts

Tues 1 August (H) Shaldon at 2.00pm

T1: 15-9, T2: 14-17

Chardstock: 4pts, Shaldon: 2pts

Wed 9 August (A) Morchard Bishop withdrew

Fri 18 August (H) Topsham at 10.00am

T1: 17-16, T2: 31-25

Chardstock: 6pts, Topsham: 0pts

Thurs 24 August (H) Culm Vale at 2.00pm

T1: 19-19, T2: 14-22

Chardstock: 1pt, Culm Vale: 5pts


Wed 30 August (A) Heavitree at 10.30am

T1: 17-16, T2: 16-15

Chardstock: 6pts, Heavitree: 0pts

Mon 4 September (A) Culm Vale at 2.00pm

Culm Vale conceded

Chardstock: 6pts, Culm Vale: 0pts

Wed 6 September (H) Heavitree at 2.00pm

Game abandoned due to ill health. 

Chardstock: 3 pts, Heavitree: 3 pts


Last Update: 21/09/2023

LTL League Table 2023 August.png
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