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The Kit

Bowls is not expensive. To get going you don't need a lot of new kit. 

For newcomers, the dress code is relaxed and whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

To help keep the playing surface in good condition, it's important to wear a pair of flat soled shoes/trainers.

When you start playing in friendly matches, initially you should wear a white sports shirt, and grey or white trousers/shorts. Ladies may also wish to wear cropped trousers.


The dress code for league matches will be explained in your coaching sessions. We wear club polo shirts, which you can purchase from the club. 

A set of bowls will be available for the coaching sessions. Members usually purchase a second hand set of 4 bowls when they have decided to take up bowls competitively. This will enable you to get used to the size, weight and draw for a couple of seasons before investing in a set of brand new set of bowls which is suited to you. 

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