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South Somerset Bowling League
Dress Code: White
For further information about the league see: South Somerset Bowling League

Fri 23 June (H) Chardstock v Ilminster at 6.15pm

R1: 10-16, R2: 10-18 
Chardstock 2 pts, Ilminster 8 pts

Mon 3 July (H) Chardstock v Merriott at 6.15pm

R1: 14-11, R2: 8-23

Chardstock: 4pts, Merriott: 6pts

Fri 28 July (A) Chardstock v Ilminster at 6.15pm

R1: 24-13, R2: 12-14

Chardstock: 6pts, Ilminster: 4pts

Mon 14 August (A) Chardstock v Merriott at 6.15pm

R1: 12-21, R2: 9-14

Chardstock: 2pts, Merriott: 8pts


Mon 21 August at 6.00pm

Triangular Cup Ilminster v Chardstock v Merriott

Chardstock v Ilminster: 6-19

Chardstock v Merriott: 22-11

Winners: Ilminster, Runners Up: Chardstock

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Last updated: 15/10/2023 

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